Available courses

General Risk Management

Course Objectives

1) Providing the students with enough information about different risks.

2) Introducing the concepts of preparing for anticipated risks before they happen.

3) Introducing different methods for dealing with different types of risks.

4) On completing this course, students will be able to:

  • List different risks and Identify risk potentials.
  • Interpret the impact of identified risks and Select a suitable strategy to deal with identified risks 
  • Apply knowledge of the human factors "jobs, machines, operations, environments and work systems compatible with human capabilities and limitations.
  • Analyze experimental results and determine their accuracy and validity.

Leadership Team Approach and Communication Skills

Course Description/Objectives;
1) Focus on the basic principles of Team building, personal and interpersonal leadership that can be used in any life arena, and how communication is a key factor for effective leadership and successful teams.
2) Emphasis will be placed on vision, goals & objectives, motivation, decision-making, time management, power, team building, conflict, ethics, dealing with change, communication skills, and diversity issues.
3) By the end of the course, students will have increased their teamwork ability and interpersonal communication, sharpened their awareness of the different types of personalities, and gained a greater understanding of challenges that facing today's leaders, and how to become a good leader.

Classroom teaching methods;   will include lecture, class discussion, videos, oral presentations, written assignments, and group projects.